Project Description

‘I have had headaches, particularly migraines for as long as I can remember. My son is 12 and all he’s ever known is mom is going to have a headache, and she could have this headache, 2, 3, 4, 15 days. If they market a headache medication I have probably tried it. as well as receiving Botox every 6 months. I tried to have the nerves in my neck blocked by radiofrequency, psychotic meds, and Benadryl. I’ve missed school, athletic, and family events because of my headaches. I came across a study that said go to your dentist to see if you have TMJ and or Sleep Apnea, so I went. I was ready to sob in relief because finally someone was giving me an answer. Since treatment for Sleep Apnea and TMD I have completely eliminated my headache medications. Now I sleep better, feel better, and I’m not missing family events. I can’t stress enough that if you’ve tried everything else and nothing works, what do you have to lose? It could be the key to what’s bothering you.”